Discovering Your Bliss

According to much of the reading I’ve done this past year, there is a treasure within each of us — a meaning behind our being and a destiny to fulfill.  Many philosophers and now even some scientists are coming around to the theory that our very soul makes a choice to come to “this.”  I call it this because it is that which is indescribable, incomprehensible and cannot be defined by words.  It refers to our existence — a conscious reality that we all share and co-create.  When our soul makes that choice to come here it is because we have something we need to accomplish, a destiny to fulfill — a role to play.  This destiny lies dormant in our subconscious throughout our entire life and drives our actions in every moment of waking life — whether we know / like it, or not.

Throughout our life here the universe (which our subconscious is constantly tapped into) will put certain opportunities, temptations, and obstacles before each of us.  And it is what we do with each of these events, and what others do with their own events, that will determine the course of each life.  A perfect balance of fate and choice.  Nonetheless a destiny to be fulfilled or unfulfilled exists for each of us.

Personally, I’ve been lucky, and have been told throughout my life such.  I’ve pretty much known since I was very little what my bliss is.  I used to think it was only to “make movies,” but now I realize it’s much broader than that.  It is the act of sharing stories — messages, lessons, and themes that will enrich the lives of others — that force not just reflection but introspection, humility, and encourage a spark of positive self-discovery.   This blog was created as a reminder of that which can be drawn forth from my own bliss, of the importance of sharing your very best — it’s the great responsibility of any artist, Campbell thought.  I agree.

But many people just don’t know what that bliss is.  Very often, people figure it out towards the end of their life as they look back, and sometimes they only recognize it through regret.

So how do you avoid that regret and discover that destiny right now?   The first thing that you must understand is that the answer to this question doesn’t lie outward in the world, no parent, friend, lover, boss, teacher will be able to “tell you” what it is that you’re here to do.  The only one that can answer this question is YOU.  And you will tell yourself this answer over and over again throughout your life through intuition.  This is the importance of listening to yourself.

I recently found a very simple list that provides some tips for discovering one’s great potential and expanded on them somewhat.   Each are feelings that one has when they are on the right path.

1.)  A feeling of oneness with the world.  This is a sense of warmth that radiates throughout your body and a feeling that everything is ” in it’s right place.”  There is no anxiety or fear, but acceptance and inner gratitude.   Many artists will describe this as the feeling of unseen hands guiding you.  You solve problems without thinking about the solutions, inspiration seems to come to you from another place.  You arrive confidently at conclusions without knowing how you got there.   If you are not an arist, please don’t restrict yourself or hold yourself back.   No matter what your bliss is, the feeling of unseen hands guiding you is there for all of us.

2.)  Time slows down or feels like it ceases to exist. Throughout the world right now, more and more people are commenting how fast everything is moving, like they are out of control.  That’s a feeling that runs counter to the one’s bliss.   When you feel this, you might notice that you don’t care what time it is.  In truth hours have passed but you haven’t noticed.  If your bliss is work-driven this is an easy one.  Do you sit at work all day waiting for the day to end or do you get to the end of the day feeling like you don’t know where the time went?  More importantly, how do you feel about the next day’s work — are you dreading it, or is it that you can’t wait to plunge into?

Personally, days before a big shoot, I can’t sleep, not because of nerves or anxiety, but because I can’t wait to put all my ideas and emotion into action.  It’s a rush.  It’s bliss.

3.)  Others will tell you. Whether these are the people you’ve known throughout your life, or random strangers, everyone will recognize it in you and you must listen to them.  They will say your eyes “light up” when you discuss a specific subject, or they will comment how excited you were to talk about it.  Internally you will feel like you could spend endless hours discussing this with others and they will notice this.  They will start conversations with you about it the next time you see them, because when people are truly following their great potential those that care about them are rooting for them to continue in that direction.  This is also the feeling that you are surrounded by “kindred spirits,” friends, family, even strangers that are guiding you along and encouraging you.  The more you follow your bliss, the more people you will find like this, in fact — they’ll find you.  YOU MUST LISTEN TO THEM.

4.)  Your Senses Are Sharper. Your hearing is more acute, your vision is sharper and much more importantly the depth of your sight is great, like you can see levels that didn’t exist before.   Your body feels warmer, and that warmth radiates throughout, yet you get chills or the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.   This is the feeling of all of your senses not working separately as we perceive them to be, but all in unison as they really are.

5.)  You Feel Stronger and Lighter. You feel taller, larger than you are.  You don’t feel as tethered to the ground beneath your feet, you’re comfortable within yourself, and are not self-conscious at all.  Your heart most likely will feel like it’s beating much faster, but not in an anxious or strained way — just much stronger, and it will feel as though it’s pulling you either forward or away from yourself.  This is almost a feeling of separation from one’s body — an independence.

There is a Path.

As you’ve read these notes on “thoughts,” and “feelings,” you most likely associated certain memories from your own life of the things that brought you those moments.  Realize that this is you awakening to that which brings you rapture — this is your bliss.  Take a moment to refresh those images and feelings that came to you, maybe even write them down.  Where do they match up, are their certain places, people, events, actions, that sync up.  These are the synchronicities you need to remind yourself of, they are the moments where you and the universe were one and you had an opportunity.

To quote one of my favorite movies, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button — “it’s never too early or too late to be exactly who you want to be.”  I would go one step further and say that it’s never too early or late to be exactly who you should be.   This is the great adventure of one’s life and it is waiting for you.




~ by Dan Fabrizio on January 29, 2011.

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